Anchor Business Solutions celebrates its seventh year of business this year with a re-launch as opposed to an annoying itch.

We have enjoyed seven great years of thriving business thanks to our fifty-seven current clients including international clients such as IAL International Aviation Logistics, Ramnous Fiduciary Services, T-Track Global, PowerLaw Capital and a variety of Property and Holding companies as well as many local clients including Celbux SA, White and Case Inc. and the various properties that we manage. We have also sculpted concrete relationships with specialists in the British Virgin Islands and Cyprus allowing us to seamlessly set up companies in those areas and take advantage of their favorable company tax treaties and trust structures.

The new logo represents our CIA triad; Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability as well as being a symbol of strength, security, confidence and longevity.

Anchor supplies all services relating to fiduciary, company secretarial, administration, payroll and corporate social investment (CIS) and we will continue to do so for existing and future clients. Keeping this in mind, Anchor has rolled out a new more assertive – we have never believed that anything associated with business should be “aggressive” or to quote a popular term in marketing these days “jugular” – marketing strategy that will be focusing on the legal market; assisting in the acquisition, setting up and statutory compliance of new businesses. Over the years we have developed a passion for complex company structures and the facilitation thereof. Anchor ensures that the companies we setup, administer and do the statutory requirements for comply exactly with the legal contracts drawn up by corporate attorneys in order to ensure seamless business transition.

To the new clients that have already joined Anchor as a result of our new strategy and value-added services – Welcome to Anchor! We look forward to doing business with you and we are excited about the prospect of building a long symbiotic relationship with you as we have with so many of our clients.

Anchor also has some exciting new ventures on the rise; including cross marketing opportunities and a value add service with two very respected companies in South Africa. We will keep you posted on the progress and give you all the details of these exciting add-ons in a future Newsletter.

Anchor Business Solutions. For all your fiduciary, company secretarial, administration, payroll and corporate social investment (CSI) needs.