Anchor has always had a passion for doing things ethically and with integrity and nothing aligns more directly with those values than Corporate Social Investment (CSI). CSI is basically a moral and legal responsibility for a company to do some good for the local community.

Corporate Social Investment has many different names; corporate social responsibility, corporate conscience, corporate citizenship, social performance, or sustainable responsible business, we like to use Corporate Social Investment as we believe that anything that is good for the local community is an investment into your business, I mean how can it not be? You develop the local community, teach them skills, train them and in return you have a bottomless pit of resources, both physical and human, that your business can choose from on your doorstep.

But… there is sometimes confusion (or deliberate avoidance) when it comes to CSI, CSI is not about giving people money, resources, housing or things, CSI is not charity. When you go into a community and you give people things you are not teaching them anything and you are actually further damaging that community by harboring a culture of doing nothing and getting something for free. Now don’t get me wrong I am not against charity, CSI is just better in every way.

Imagine if you will a small informal settlement, lets say 10 000 people, now you, as a business owner, have a factory that supplies groceries to your various smaller outlets throughout the country next to the informal settlement. So how can you use CSI to benefit your company and the informal settlement? One idea would be to approach local informal shop owners and offer to supply their stores with produce at a reduced cost provided that 3 times a week one of your store managers can come into the shop for a couple of hours and advise the owners how to do things better. So the shop owners benefit by earning more money and gaining invaluable knowledge from larger more successful shop owners, the community benefits from better prices and better managed stores and you benefit because as the shops grow, and need more supplies, so will your profit margins but mostly you get the reputation of being a responsible, conscientious, company.

The reputational benefits of participating in CSI are unparalleled. Many big companies refuse to do business with people who are not seen as “responsible” companies, why should they, they already have CSI, they know the benefits and have reaped the financial and personal rewards of CSI. It creates a stream of good. Responsible companies buy products from responsible suppliers who in turn get their products from responsible farmers, all the while all the communities involved in the process are benefitting.

Think for a moment of the long-term benefits if all companies individually spent 1% of their time developing poor communities. On a national level we would have lower unemployment resulting in less crime, a higher standard of living for all people, less poverty, less diseases. CSI is about everyone helping in a small way to help make the whole country better.

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