Anchor Business Solutions has completed the formation of its vision and mission statement in a grueling, brain bashing and intensive set of strategy sessions, with all staff involved in order to ensure it transcends individual needs and speaks to the mind of the company.

Our mission was created by first identifying what it is that we do. Having such a diverse range of services it made it very complicated to make sure we didn’t list fifty different or just say “everything”, what the team came up with was “business support solutions” this really sums up how we see ourselves and how we want to be seen by our clients; A business that can support you in your needs and wants and a business that can provide you with solutions to problems or obstacles that you may face in the business environment.

The second step was to identify how we are going to go about our business and the boardroom just exploded with adjectives, we had everything from the traditional such as; nice, caring, considerate to the downright verbose; veracious, transmundane and even sesquipedalian was suggested to describe these words but after a long process of elimination we decided the words that best describe how we do business are; professional, trustworthy, complaint and timely.

The next step was to decide who we offer our services to and although this may seem like and easy thing to describe we needed something more substantial than just “everyone” we wanted to make it more personal, more targeted, we wanted the people reading to know it was about them and we summoned up “you, our client” simultaneously representing a personal relationship and a diverse range of clientele, which like our services, are almost limitless.

The final stage of the process was to communicate what value we bring to you, our client. We played around with some semantically satiated phrases such as financially feasible, quality service and industry leaders but after all feeling as though we had just bit into a giant piece of literary cardboard we got our thinking caps on, downed another cup of triple espresso cappuccino and came up with this nugget “Giving you the freedom to focus on your real business”.

Creating our vision however was more of a Eureka moment that even Archimedes himself would have been proud of. We laid down the basics; it must be future casting, visible (to the mind eye), audacious, descriptive and inspiring and BANG! it hit us like a hot mud bath after a long hard day…

We are proud to present to you our mission and vision statement:

Mission: To provide you, our client, with a professional, trustworthy, compliant and timely business support solution – Giving you the freedom to focus on your real business.

Vision: To be the leading provider of business support solutions in South Africa.

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